Take Your Equipment Farther

Professional movers can handle the job

Moving valuable equipment shouldn't be trusted to inexperienced hands. You want to hire movers you know will do the job right. You can count on RBarR Transportation for hotshot shipping. We'll get your freight to its destination as quickly as possible, without damaging your equipment. You'll get prompt deliveries for affordable prices when you hire us.

Meet with a driver from our team today to learn more about our hauling services.

Find out if we'll carry your equipment

Find out if we'll carry your equipment

Our flatbeds and pickup trucks can haul any items. We've carried equipment for the military as well as agricultural and industrial companies. You can call on us if you need to move:

Cars and pick-up trucks
Medium-duty trucks

We'll take your items anywhere in the country. Whether you're shipping to New Mexico or Maine, RBarR Transportation has you covered. Call 507-220-3018 now to set up a delivery service.